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5 topics we hope Pastor Ng’ang’a will not be preaching in 2023

Neno Evangelism founder Pastor James Ng’ang’a has been known to say the most controversial things while on the pulpit, and yet, still commands a large following both physically and from online/television viewers.

Pastor Ng’ang’a has been known to target certain members of the public, humiliate his wife in front of his congregation, and for being scandalous off the pulpit as well.

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As many continue to love him and follow his teachings, here are some things- from those of us who just don’t understand his character- we hope that he does not discuss again from his Neno Evangelism Center Church based in Nairobi:

Church finances

Pastor Ng'ang'a preaching
Pastor Ng’ang’a preaching

Cash for prayers has never been a thing and it never will be. No one in the Bible ever paid God to listen to their prayers or for Him to be blessed.

We hope that November 2022 was the last time that Pastor Nganga discussed this topic after he announced to his congregation that he was charging them Sh 500 registration fees and Sh 2,000 for overnight access to attend prayer and fasting sessions at his church.

We demand that Pastor Nganga ceases preaching on the importance of tithing and special offerings that must not be questioned after it is given to the church.

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Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre. PHOTO | COURTESY | NENO EVANGELISM CENTRE

The married man of God was once accused of being unfaithful and at another time, he bragged from the pulpit about how he had sired children across the country.

“I am a father to so many kids, some are in Kirinyaga, some are in Ukambani, some in Nakuru. In Kisumu I am not so sure…maybe one or two from those living in Mombasa. But in Ukambani…my friend. I even visit and look at some people and think, this one must be mine,” Nganga was quoted in media saying.

For a man of the cloth, we strongly believe and suggest that Pastor James Nganga refrains from ever preaching on the topic of fidelity.

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Taming the tongue


Pastor Nganga must never preach on this topic despite “there is the power of life and death in the tongue” being one of the teachings in the Bible.

I say this because his very tongue has been wielded as a weapon against his wife when he humiliated her before the congregation, called his own bishops rubbish when they revealed the intrigues of Neno Evangelism Center’s head pastor’s controversial behaviors such as his ‘eating’ some members of his congregation and heavy drinking.

From the pulpit, he read the riot act to his staffers and threatened to kick them out of his church. Eventually, he kicked out his bishops who were already on their way out the door.

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Pastor James Ng’ang’a dancing. PHOTO | SCREENSHOT

He must never preach on this topic again! He has severally been accused of being unfaithful to his wife, and warning men not to marry beautiful women but go for the one who looks like ‘cows’ so that they can avoid being in conflict with other men.

“Look for someone whose beauty ranges between 10 and 15%. Don’t go for the most beautiful women,” Pastor Nganga warned his male congregants.

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Pastor James Ng'ang'a of Neno Evangelism Centre. FILE PHOTO
Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism Centre. FILE PHOTO

Pastor Nganga is known for his lewd comments from the pulpit and he can never base any of his preaching on the topic of decency.

Case in point, in 2019, in the name of preaching on healing and deliverance, he went ahead and exposed a woman’s breast to the whole world as he prayed for her.

This caused uproar in Kenya and he ended up being fined by the Communications Authority for airing nude content.

Additionally, in the aforementioned 2015 accident, witnesses also claimed that in his vehicle were stained female panties- creating the impression that he was leading a hedonistic life but coming before Kenyans to preach the gospel. Decency should not be a topic Pastor Nganga should preach in 2023.

That said, have a fantastic 2023, won’t you?

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