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5 Types of people you will end up drinking with

There are those queer personalities that you must have bumped into at your favourite watering hole at one time or the other. Here are the most likely ones:

1. The shots girl

In every bar you visit, you will see the cowboy-attire clad girls with an assortment of drinks strapped on their waists strolling around asking the patrons if they want to buy a shot.

I’m not talking about her. I’m talking about the girl who walk into the bar, sit down, orders a bottle and starts taking her shots until she ends up slurring while talking about how men don’t know how to love them. Babe, if you drink like that who will?

The shots girls are fun to hang around with, and your nights out with them are always memorable. But think twice before inviting her over to your place.

Party-goers toast to a drink

2. The former student leader who can’t let go

We get it you were a student leader. Those campaigning and meeting waheshimiwa stories are getting a little outdated; you probably shouldn’t still be telling them when you graduated five years ago.

The former student leader excels in calling people names when they refuse to drink. On the other hand, he always makes the night interesting.

Since he’s all about pushing it to the limits and is always up for a challenge, something wild is bound to happen. But be careful you might end up in a police cell with him at the end of the night.

3. The girl who’s bored to tears

Why go to a bar to annoy people? If you didn’t want to go you should have stayed at home. I’m talking to you girls.

She will be constantly rolling her eyes and mercilessly judging everyone around them. This girl thinks she is above the bar code (excuse the pun).

She probably agreed to go out and is regretting every minute of it. There’s absolutely nothing good to say about her.

We get it, you’re having a miserable time but don’t bring down the vibe of everyone around you because of it.

An assortment of alcoholic drinks in a bar

4. The sober dude

This person isn’t necessarily stone-cold sober. They may have had a few drinks throughout the night but always keep their composure and stay aware.

We need this type of a friend, because he or she will be the one to take care of those that got a little too sloppy.

Also, this is the go-to person to fill you in on the events of the night the next morning. While sober friend can be a lifesaver, sometimes he or she reminds you of things you would have rather gone without knowing.

When you wake up relieved to see that you didn’t send your ex one single text message, this person will be there to remind you of what you did last night, he or she will remind you that you texted your ex 8 times and showed him or her you were deleting them all to get rid of the evidence.

5. The angry drunk guy

This dude usually seems calm and nice at the beginning of the night. He may even be personable and nice to talk to.

However, as the night progresses and the drinks keep flowing, this type of person starts to talk too much and keeps getting more annoyed by the minute.

He might get rejected by some girl who he thought was easy and he proceed to shout obscenities.

He might also start a fight with the guy at the end of the bar because he insists he was “looking at him funny.”

If he doesn’t get thrown out of the bar, you’ll probably just accidentally “lose” him.