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5 Unique facts about First Lady-Elect Rachel Ruto

By Wangu Kanuri September 8th, 2022 2 min read

The First Lady-Elect Rachel Ruto popularly known as Mama Rachel has publicly shown her support to her husband all through his political career.

Here are among unique things Kenyans do not know about her:

1. She is a cyclist

Mama Rachel started a cycling club in 2020. The club has incorporated a number of cyclists in Nairobi who meet regularly to cycle as a way of raising awareness and encouraging a fit nation.

Dressed in the cycling gear, Mama Rachel said last year while joining hundreds of cyclists as they championed for motorists to be careful on road said, “Riding a bike is everything to a cyclist.

The friendship and camaraderie you have with other cyclists is remarkable. I continue to urge motorists to be extra careful and mind other road users.”

First lady-elect Rachel Ruto and President-elect William Ruto
First lady-elect Rachel Ruto and President-elect William Ruto

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2. A prayerful woman

Many a time Mama Rachel has convened prayer meetings and at times asked Kenyans to join her in fasting and praying. “I welcome you to join in fasting and praying tomorrow Wednesday the 16th and every other Wednesday from 6 a.m to 6 p.m,” she once tweeted.

Additionally, Mama Rachel has been sharing bible scriptures on her social media platforms while speaking blessings on her husband.

Rachel Ruto
Rachel Ruto praying

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3. She pursued her Bachelor’s of Education at Kenyatta University

Although Mama Rachel pursued and passed her examinations being awarded her bachelorette the First Lady-Elect did not get a chance to practice as a teacher for long and voluntarily retired.

Additionally, Mama Rachel has proved to be a scholar having done a Master of Arts degree at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in 2011.

Rachel Ruto
Rachel Ruto

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4. She schooled at the Butere Girls

The 53-year-old did her O and A levels at the Butere Girls High School. Additionally, the down-to-earth lady donned the school’s uniform as she mingled with the students on one of her trips to the school.

Rachel Ruto
Rachel Ruto

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5. She offers mentorship to high school students

In her school tours where she offers mentorship, Mama Rachel always reminds students to be disciplined saying that’s the key to success in education.

In addition, Mama Rachel cautioned girls to cease offering sex to older men and focus on their future. “Dignified women do not sleep with every Tom, Dick and Harry. As girls, you are a gift to the world. This issue of ‘sponsors’ should not be part of your lives,” she advised.

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