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5 ways to boost sexual confidence in bedroom

In a world where adult life comes with endless pressures at work and home, the thought of pleasurable sex between married or dating couple can turn out to be truly daunting.

Men and women are continually finding themselves emotionally puzzled and sexually anxious.

So here are five way to boost sexual confidence in the bedroom:

1. Knowing what works for the self – Masturbation allows one to achieve the perfect understanding of what does it for you sexually. And implementing this knowledge into sex-life could boost confidence and spur on better orgasms.

2. Pleasure is more important than performance – Fretting about how well you will perform in bed will only ruin your sex life. Instead, focusing on pleasure allows you to come across as someone who is more ’empowered and confident’.

3. Sense of Humour – Laughing is good for the brain. By slashing levels of stress hormones and boosting the immune system, it boosts sexual confidence. Dr Valeria Chuba, a member of the American College of Sexologists, claims it’s good for your sex life. By finding humour in the smallest things, such as bizarre noises, could help to overcome any feelings of unease.

4. Communication – Communication is critical when it comes to sex. Speaking about what’s really on the mind, and listening to the partner, can paint a person as a ‘generous and thoughtful lover’. One of the most attractive things in a person is the confidence to speak up about his or her needs and desires, and the ability to listen to his or her partner.

5. Learn from past – By addressing what worked for you in the past, and what didn’t, allows you to hit the ground running with your new lover. Having a sense of clarity helps sexual relationships.