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52 Starehe Girls students isolated over high pitched cough, sneezing

Fifty-two students of Starehe Girls Centre have been put into isolation for observation after manifesting signs of an unknown disease.

In a statement, the school said the students have symptoms of high pitched cough, sneezing and low grade fever.

“52 girls have since been isolated for observation within the school, samples have been obtained for further tests,” read the statement.

The school said, they are working with the national government, Ministry of Health, department of integrated Disease surveillance response (IDSR) and the sub county health department through the Ruaraka sub county health team as well as Volunteer Doctors from the Old stareherian society to diagnose the illnesses and contain the situation.

According to the school, parents and guardians of the affected students have been informed.

“The school is in constant communication with them,” said the school administration.

The school has assured students, parents and the general public of the safety of the students.

“We are working to monitor and stabilize the situation,” added the school.

Speaking to the Nation, director of the school Sister Jane Soita said the school will be giving more information about the incident.

“We are holding a meeting with the Ministry of health and we are handling the situation,” Sister Soita.