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Koffi Olomide tops Google search after assaulting dancer at JKIA

Congolese musician Koffi Olomide was the most searched personality by Kenyans on Google, according to a report for the month of July.

The musician hogged the limelight after he was arrested and deported on July 23 for kicking a female dancer upon arrival at JKIA. A video of the incident went viral on social media.

French footballer Paul Pogba, who is set to complete a record £100 million transfer to English club Manchester United, was  the second most searched personality by Kenyans.

Mobile phone game Pokemon Go was the third most searched item as Kenyans sought to understand how to play the game.

Fourth on the most searched item was the Kisii accident that claimed the lives of eight people, among them two Kenyatta University sisters, while Euro 2016 Final capped the top five searches.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s wife Melania was the third most trending personality after her plagiarized speech during the party’s convention.

She was followed by new British Prime Minister Theresa May who took office in July following the resignation of David Cameron.

Slain Nairobi lawyer Willie Kimani was also among the top ten trending personalities, ranking seventh most searched person on Google.

The ‘How to’ category was dominated by a search for recipes and tips for cooking favourite dishes, although the top searched item in the category was “How to play Pokemon Go.”

The “What is” category also had “What is Pokemon Go” on the lead. with the rest being questions on health conditions.

Here is the full Google search list for July:

Trending Searches
1. Koffi Olomide
2. Paul Pogba
3. Pokemon Go
4. Kisii Accident
5. Euro 2016 Final
6. Eid Mubarak
7. Kapenguria Attack
8. Melania trump
9. Theresa May
10. Alton Sterling

Trending Personalities
1. Koffi Olomide
2. Paul Pogba
3. Melania Trump
4. Theresa May
5. Arlton Sterling
6. Takuma Asano
7. Willie Kimani
8. Blaise Matuidi
9. Benjamin Netanyahu
10. Gugu Zulu

Trending Events
1. UEFA Euro 2016 Final
3. Eid al-Fitr
4. Kapenguria Attack
5. Dallas Shooting
6. Tukey Coup
7. Wimbledon 2016
8. Museveni Challenge
9. Koroga Festival
10. Munich Shooting

Trending “What is” Searches
1. What is Pokemon go?
2. What is the time in Australia?
3. What is Bastille Day?
4. What is dyspepsia?
5. What is UNCTAD?
6. What is anthrax?
7. What is the cause of dry lips?
8. What is the cause of blood in stool?
9. What is schizophrenia?
10. What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Trending “How to” Searches
1. How to play pokemon go
2. How to make samosa
3. How to make meat pie
4. How to make a cake
5. How to cook chapati
6. How to approach a girl in a cool way
7. How to make kebabs
8. How to make pineapple juice
9. How to survive in campus
10. How to make pilau rice with meat