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Singer Avril’s ex fiancé takes HIV test publicly after split

Kenyan entertainer Avril’s ex fiancé Leslie Mugadza, aka Muga, lit up social media when he took a HIV test and posted the results on Instagram.

From the picture, Muga tested negative having the test with a home, self-testing kit. Rapid blood tests show two lines if positive or one line if negative.

He captioned the picture: “Lost a friend recently who passed on due to Aids he was in denial and refused to get medication so decided to check my status.. i share this coz i feel its important for one to get tested and know their status and possibly prevent infecting others without u or them knowing or mother to child transmission.. Get tested know your status remember a positive result is not a death sentence but an opportunity to live more healthier and enjoy life positively.”


Many people were inspired by his bold move.

Instagram user @chika__i_am wrote: “@muga30 Very well said. And thank you for sharing. I feel the same way. I also feel it is very important for everyone to know their status. I see patients all the time in clinic that have unfortunately been affected by this disease. But like u said ‘a positive result does not a death sentence but an opportunity to live more healthier and enjoy life positively.’”

Another @senndebs said: “@muga30 I get checked every year and live a responsible life. I have a friend who has been in denial for 8 years. She is so sick now and the ARVs are not working. Sad. Because AIDS is not a death sentence. It’s a disease where you take chronic meds. You just need to have protected sex like if you are diabetic you don’t eat sugar. Sad for people in denial.”

Another user @hot_africa_ added: “Am HIV positive and I can tell u it’s not a death sentence. I live a happy life, I have protected sex, have a stable job and income and life is great. I have made it on most success forums and am happy. Congrats on this post very few people would post such a message.”

Last month, Avril shocked her Kenya fans when she revealed that she had decided to take time off the relationship, adding that their plans for a wedding were off.

The couple had been engaged for more than two years.