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6 behaviors we should leave behind in 2022 as we usher in 2023

By Winnie Mabel December 31st, 2022 3 min read

New Year, new things, new behaviours. Personally, I wish to see so many behaviours left behind in 2022, but the list below makes up the top six things I can’t wait to see disappear into the night never to be seen again.

  1. Snitching and backbiting – They say these are human nature characteristics, but I don’t believe so. You can actively choose not to gossip, snitch on and backbite someone else- and not allow it to spill onto social media! If you are above the age of 21, you should desist from participating in these things unless you are an oversized child who refuses to mature. You gain nothing by snitching and backbiting. You only ruin your reputation and lose any opportunity to earn people’s respect and loyalty because you can’t be trusted. Let’s make 2023 a better year for you.
  2. Sherehe sheria- This is not a thing, and it should never have. People with responsibilities cannot live by this mantra of ‘it’s a law for one to party’. Who came up with this? Do you enjoy drinking and partying that much? Is your social battery that healthy you would put up with daily socializing in the name of partying? Do you have that much money to waste on parties? Let’s leave this behaviour in 2022 and prevent you from becoming a functional alcoholic.
  3. Dating wababa and wamama- Soft life is not a right! You will not ruin people’s marriages by dating older married men and women in the name of living a good, well-funded lifestyle with money you do not deserve. Your unfaithfulness is not a requisite for 2023 to roll in from around the corner. Find yourself somebody who wants you and wants to build a solid future with you- not someone who is only propping you up with money so that they can use you for their own selfish needs. Have you no pride? No morals left? Don’t you believe in bad karma for when you will decide to get married, and your spouse ends up on this same path you undertook? Let’s repent and drop this behaviour in the bin as we usher in 2023.
  4. Social media bullying – You have to be a weak human to go onto social media to attack and bully people from the safety of your screen and keyboard. It is an unbecoming behaviour for adults and causes unnecessary grief for bullying victims. Your low self-esteem and mental issues are not a license for you to take out your frustrations on people on social media. Let’s definitely leave that behaviour in 2022 and spare people your vitriol.
  5. Men must stop urinating in open public spaces- I mean, are we still singing this song? Men, especially if you are a construction worker, a hawker, a tout or a public transportation driver- spare the public of your water. We don’t need it. The earth definitely does not need it when you go around killing bushes and staining walls in the name of “haja ndogo” You probably don’t clean your hands afterwards. No! Haiwezekani! Let’s leave this uncouth behaviour in 2022!
  6. Twerking on social media- And finally, women. Especially women because only a handful of men intentionally do this for social media. Twerking on social media while dressed skimpily is simply clown behaviour. It makes you look cheap, no matter how skillfully you can twerk. It lowers your value in people’s eyes, and sometimes, it is vulgar for some people. So let’s save you some dignity and ask you to drop that behaviour as you usher in 2023. Thank you…

Do you have any more behaviours to suggest for trashing as we usher in 2023?

Do let us know…

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