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6 Benefits of men going commando like DP Rigathi

Riggy G, Kenya’s deputy president, recently made headlines for admitting that he didn’t own his first pair of underwear until he was in Form Two.

While his lack of underwear may have been due to poverty, it turns out that many men choose to go commando by choice.

Here are three benefits of ditching the undies:

Improved Comfort: Wearing underwear, especially tight briefs or “samosas,” can be uncomfortable due to sweating and warmth. Going commando allows for more airflow and reduces sweat, making it a more comfortable experience.

Better Sperm Health: Testicles must maintain cooler temperatures to produce healthy sperm. Wearing underwear, especially tight briefs, can raise testicles and lower sperm count. Going commando keeps everything hanging freely and at a cooler temperature.

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Better circulation: Wearing tight underwear can restrict blood flow to the genital area, leading to discomfort and even pain. Going commando can promote better circulation in the area.

Reduced risk of infection: Wearing underwear can trap moisture and bacteria, increasing the risk of infection. Going commando can reduce this risk.

Better hygiene: Wearing underwear can trap sweat and odor, leading to unpleasant smells and an increased risk of infection. Going commando can promote better hygiene.

Enhanced Comfort and Style: Just like some women find G-strings uncomfortable, some men prefer to skip the briefs altogether. Shorts and loose-fitting pants provide more comfort and can be a stylish option.

While going commando may not be for everyone, it’s clear that there are some benefits to freeing the balls. Who knows, maybe Riggy G was onto something all those years ago.

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