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6 controversial things done by Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua

By Winnie Mabel October 12th, 2023 3 min read

Their relationship kicked off on a controversial foot. He was a gospel singer. She was a worldly girl. He is younger, and she is older- hence the rampant disses of him being Diana’s child instead of partner.

From the get go, their relationship- and its aging over the past 7 years- began feeling like they had to prove to the world that they are in love and their romance would outlast traditionally accepted relationships such as those of older males to younger females.

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In those 7 years, the couple either did or found themselves in controversial positions, and Nairobi News is going to go through six of them:

  1. Diana and Bahati shared photos of them at a beauty parlor where Diana was having her private parts tended to – On October 11, 2023, the couple shared photos of Bahati watching on as a beautician worked on Diana’s private parts. Diana had nothing on but a skin-colored towel and a shower cap. The photos went viral as the couple got called out for going overboard with pushing boundaries in the name of content creation. “My Queen @Diana_Marua told me she wanted to Clean it before I Gift it 😉 We are at @teshisbeautyplace but I insisted we have to go inside the Vajacial Room Together coz I needed to Confirm 😎 Are Y’all Ready for Gift No.1 out of the 7 Gifts??? 🎁❤️ #TheBahatisAt7
    #HappyAnniversary,” said Bahati as he captioned the provoking photos.
  2. Diana and Bahati cohabiting while he still identified as a gospel musician to the chagrin of his Christian audience – At this time, Bahati was on the fence with his music. As the relationship continue aging, he stopped singing Christian music and began producing secular music with questionable videos. Many blamed Diana for influencing Bahati to leave the gospel industry and live a worldly life including having children out of wedlock. They recently traditionally tied the knot a few days ago.
  3. Bahati denying his daughter until it made national headlines – A woman came out claiming Bahati had sired a daughter with her after two years of him denying and hiding her from the public. Bahati claimed he was blinded by fame and his successes in the gospel industry. He claimed he faced heavy judgements at the time but he eventually publicly apologised in 2021 to his first baby mama and their daughter. He now publicly claims her but there appears to be bad blood between his baby mama and Diana Marua that has never been addressed.
  4. Diana not behaving like a married woman when she was being filmed dancing seductively with KRG the Don– By this time, Bahati was completely done with being a gospel musician and was often spotted drinking alcohol. In this instance in July 2023, the duo were clubbing with KRG and at one point, Diana began dancing with KRG before he inappropriately began touching her; and she appeared to be happy about it. Bahati watched on unbothered
  5. Diana and Bahati releasing a video akin to soft porn–  A few months back, the duo uploaded a video of social media of them in bed with Bahati behind Diana. He then moved up to her and began rubbing himself off on Diana’s behind, jolting her awake. They captioned the video asking followers if Bahati was a bad or bold boy.
  6. Diana’s questionable love life – While identifying as Bahati’s woman, she went ahead to make several confessions about her past love life – to the chagrin of many that she dredges up murky pasts as part of her content creation instead of leaving well enough alone. In one instance, she confessed how she dated a married man who outwardly told her he wouldn’t leave his wife for her while in another instance, she confessed to kissing another man in the same car her boyfriend was driving at the time. “So we had a trip to Mombasa, with the groupie, we were guys and girls and I was sitting at the back, I was drunk, out of character and in the mood,…so me….but this is my past. So I was not in the right headspace, I made out with another guy while my boyfriend was driving…” confessed Diana.

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