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6-month-old baby youngest Covid-19 patient in Kenya

A six-month-old baby has been confirmed to have contracted Covid-19, making it the youngest patient to get the disease in the country.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe, on Thursday, said that Kenyans should not hold on to the myth that young people were immune to the disease as this had been proven to be false.

“The myth that young people can’t get the disease….. Today we reported a six months old baby who is among those confirmed to have coronavirus, and this is where again there are certain protocols,” Mr Kagwe said.

He added: “Like for example young mothers or people with babies. If you have a baby in the house then you should be very careful about what you are doing.”

CS Kagwe said parents should be extra careful since it was very easy for them to bring back the disease to their children.

They should stick to the prevention measures of wearing a mask when in public and maintaining the recommended 1.5 metres distance in offices or places they visit.

During this time of the pandemic, Mr Kagwe says that it is not advisable to entertain guests in homes for they can as well be carriers of the disease.

“Because you know very well you can bring the infection back to the baby. So, if you are the father, mother or siblings then you need to take utmost care in terms of the behaviours we are saying of wearing a mask, keeping a distance especially in offices or other places that you visit,” CS Kagwe explained.

He added: “Do not encourage any visitors, let them stay at their houses for a change, they can come back when the baby is grown. But for the time being wacha wakae huko kwao nyumbani.”