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6 savage catch phrases used by Kenyans in 2022

By Mercy Simiyu December 12th, 2022 3 min read

With the year coming close to the end, Kenyans online have yet not disappointed.

The country might have been struggling with tough economic times, and drought but one thing is for sure Kenyans will never let you down with the way they infuse humour and savagery into everything.

Below are some of the phrases popularly used in 2022, from the general election to almost the end of the year.

Sina Maoni

This phrase was birthed in the most accidental way. You know when you say something, not knowing it will probably be something you will forever be recognized for, this is the case for the curator of ‘Sina Maoni’ curator.

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The phrase ‘sina maoni’ came about during the general election period in Uasin Gishu county. At the time, Constituents queued to vote for the next president of Kenya, when a Citizen TV reporter, Chemutai Goin, approached one fellow, with a pink hoodie in the queue and asked him a couple of questions regarding the elections so far.

And he simply answered, “Sina Maoni”. However his honest answer was heard across the country and, the following day, his face was all over Twitter.

And now if someone asks you something or makes a statement that you don’t feel like answering then just say ‘sina maoni’.

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Mambo ni mengi… Masaa ni machache

If you are a fan of KOT, you might have seen this phrase used everywhere. The phrase’s definite meaning is a lot of things to do with limited time.

The phrase originated from Tiktok and is currently trending on all social media platforms. It was popularised by Comedian turned-politician Jalango.

Mapema ndio best

Party lovers are definitely familiar with this slogan. This slogan is basically a rallying cry for all lovers of a good time. It is used when you get an invitation to join the party early and not miss out on a thing.

The song ‘Mapema Ndo Best’ is written by Kenyan artist Gwaash featuring OnlyOneDelo and K4Kanali.

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The song was released on September 10, 2022.

If you are from Nairobi you will know this type of phrase is mostly applicable from Friday evenings running through to Sunday when friends call each other, text each other and convince each other into meeting up as fast as possible.

Kata sim… Tupo site

The phrase ‘Kata simu…tupo site’ gained mad currency across the Kenyan streets and social media platforms, with many people juxtaposing it in all of their day-to-day conversations and unbearably cringe Tiktok videos.

The phrase came from Mzee Mjegeje, a Tanzanian comedian who happened to drop a gem of a slogan.

He didn’t even think it would become such a universally-beloved phrase. It went viral and Kenyans online went wild with it.

This phrase could be used in any context. From telling your friends the party has already started to telling your supporters the race to State House has been won.

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Hiyo ni uwongo

The phrase became popular following the soaring prices of food in the country even as the Kenyans prepare to go to the election on August 9.

It has emerged that the video was recorded in one of the functions in Nandi County.

During the function, one of the speakers stood on the podium and claimed that Nandi Governor Stephen Sang had dispatched about Sh200 million in bursary funds to needy students across the county.

However, the crowd reacted to his comment, saying in unison that it was a lie.

“Uongo, hiyo ni uongo kabisa,” the crowd said.

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Enda uskie vibaya na uko

No one wants to feel some type of way. But life in Nairobi is so ignominiously humbling, you may be forced to eat humble pie week after week. This phrase, coined by comedian King Kalala, is normally thrown around by people whose bile just won’t wash.

In case anything in this city is too offensive to you, and you decide to publicise your grumblings, we honestly don’t care. Enda uskia vibaya na huko

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