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6 Street anthems of 2022 that will rule in 2023

Last year, a high number of artists hit the studio to produce bangers and true. Indeed, there were one too many hits.

Of the many hits, a number stood out. These were not just hit. They transcended to become street anthems.

I don’t know which one you do recall; however, as the new year begins, one can only help but wonder, what street anthems will we hear this year?

In the meantime, here are the songs that turned out to be 2022 street anthems that everyone sang along or atleast knew the chorus.

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Despite being released on October 10th, the banger made it to the list of YouTube’s top music videos of the year.

Produced by Vic West the video has amassed over 7 million views on YouTube. It’s interesting to note the achievement bearing in mind the banger was a composition of newbies Fathermoh, Brandy Maina featuring the experienced Savara Mudigi of the boy band Sauti Sol.

Sung in a mixture of Swahili, English and a touch of street lingua (Sheng), Kuna Kuna has stayed on many lips thanks to its catchy melodious lyrics.

The fast tempo beat, repetition and wordplay make the song the right recipe for every party.

Ooh! And the video shot in the slum streets of Nairobi is another eye-catching element from the Gen Z performers. But what’s the song about? Well, I haven’t figured that out yet.


With the debate raging as to whether Gengetone music is dying, pioneers of the sound Ethic teamed up with Boondocks Gang releasing Naskia Wah.

Naskia Wah is a loose slang to imply one isn’t feeling well, is worried, or is high on substance. The song is four months old and currently amongst the top 100 video songs on YouTube in Kenya.

The party jam attempts to explain the tipsy feeling you encounter after a night of heavy partying.

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There is something special about Iyanii and how he makes his music. His songs don’t make much sense but somehow captivate the masses. I mean, who praises alcohol? And the song ends up becoming a banger?

For Iyanii, the theme is all about partying and having a good time no matter the situation. He is the life of the party with his melodious tunes, and slow rhythm tempo beats.

You could say his simplicity of delivery has also played a part in making the jams successful.

Furaha released on December 3, 2021, has remained relevant to date and so is Leta Pombe (Above The Head) a jam he released in September 2021

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I dare say, you aren’t Kenyan enough if you haven’t heard of the newest Kenyan Hip-Hop revolutionist Wakadinali also known as Rong Rende.

The Nairobi Eastland’s bred hip-hop group proved that the ghetto is also blessed with enormous talent and can narrate their own stories in their way, using tools dear to them such as the sheng lingua.

It’s perhaps why the song is still a street anthem in 2022 despite its release on October 23, 2021.

The music summarizes life in the ghetto, which is characterized by crime and police brutality when dealing with criminals.

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Self-titled Africa’s best rapper, Khaligraph Jones, alias OG, believes in his musical artistry abilities probably more than his obsession with his workout routines.

He is always boastful, insisting the OG must and shall be respected and truly should you give him his flowers. The behemoth rapper does put in the work.

Of his many tunes released this year, Mbona has been the outstanding one that will have you sing the lyrics subconsciously anytime, anywhere.
The song became a street anthem thanks to its great punchline, wordplay and lyrical delivery from the beginning.
On this track, OG brings out his bad-boy side in a captivating manner.

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Like every other year, witty lyrical genius rapper Mejja ensured he had one for the books.
Released five months ago, the song is currently among the top 100 video songs on YouTube in Kenya.

In this song, Mejja explores how tough and difficult it is to date in Nairobi (Kanairo), with most relationships skewed.

He delivers the lyrics in his usual authentic flow but comical.

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