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Six Things you should avoid for healthy living

By HILARY KIMUYU November 29th, 2015 1 min read

Research has shown that every single day, the average human consumes, inhales, touches or produces absolute filth without a second thought. Here are some of the things you should avoid everyday for a healthy lifestyle:

1. Swimming pool – As the Holidays season approaches, many of us will take vacations and will end up cooling our bodies in the swimming pool. But you will be shocked to know that each swimmer in a public pool brings at least 15 grams of fecal matter into the water with them.

2. Perfumes and cologne – You love to smell nice every day, but did you know that the perfume or cologne you use everyday could contain a splash of whale puke (ambergris), that is used to extend the scent’s staying power.

3. Airplane trays – You are excited to get on the plane, but before you pick up that nut you have dropped remember that the airplane tray table are rarely disinfected and are often used to change diapers.

4. Lotions – You want to look silky smooth, but did you know that the lanolin used in lotions comes from sheep’s sweat.

5. Breathing – Hold your breath because on average, we inhale one litre of other people’s gases on a daily basis.

6. Eyes – You like to touch and rub yours every day, but you should know that the sleepy eye crusties contain a combination of nasal mucus, blood cells, skin cells and dust.