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Six Tips on how to pose for those smashing photos

I obviously don’t have my photography game on top, but my research has given me tips that can help us all pose for those smashing photos.

No one wants to look bad on photos and we all want pics that we will forever be proud to look at.

Here are six tips on how to pose for the greatest photos of your time;

1. Don’t slouch

Tighten your abs then pull your shoulders back to achieve that great posture.

2. Chin forward

Pull your chin forward then lower it a bit to look as natural and not tensed as possible.

3. Practice various facial expressions with selfies

Try out different faces with your front phone camera and review and make changes where necessary to have several facial expressions you can use.

4. Angles angles angles

Create angles with your body to have sitting and standing photos that are great, you can put one hand forward or one leg forward or even crossed just angle your body differently.

5. Smile with your eyes

Relax your lips without closing the mouth fully and use your eyes to smile.

6. Establish your strong side and maximize on it

Through various photo sessions you will establish which side looks great on photos and maximize on that.