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7 times Amber Ray pushed fashion boundaries with her dressing

Socialite Amber Ray is known for many things, most of which will leave many blushing shamelessly.

Anything Amber Ray does, gets people talking.

From her very public romantic liaisons to her choice of fashion, Amber Ray knows how to get you to drop your jaw to the ground.

Amber embraces the shock value she elicits from everything she does. Super unapologetic that one.

Here are 7 outfits that Amber Ray rocked that pushed the envelope in matters fashion.

1. Amber Ray in her barely-holding-things-together threaded denim pants

Amber ray loves to show off her body and any outfit that fulfils that agenda will be rocked by her.

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

2. Amber Ray in her barely-there bikini bottom at the pool

She calls herself Amber the brand and most times, captions her life moments under the tag, positive influencer.

Would this fit influence you to rock it?

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

3. Amber in this transparent bra and fitting red pant suit. She has been spotted in this bra in several outfits posted on her social media

See, Amber is one of those girls who loves the camera and would probably kill to be in front of one.

And to keep her name and face in people’s business, she is always looking to wow and dazzle in various bedazzling outfits.

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

4. I couldn’t understand if this fashion item was meant to be a sleeping top or a full nightie. But all the same, Amber rocked it and posted photos of the fit online.

This look has become part of her ‘brand’.

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

5. Amber attempting to keep it decent in biker tights and a top that couldn’t afford to keep things warm and hidden

This look is s Amber, brave, brazen and bold, all rolled into one.

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

6. Amber rocks a sheer, neon bikini fit

This socialite doesn’t let any photo opportunity slide past her, she always have to use the chance to push the envelope.

Instagram influencer Amber Ray. PHOTO | COURTESY

7. I lacked the words to describe this outfit…was she trying to keep it warm with a side of sexy?

Dear Amber, if you’re reading this, our comment section is open and we would really love to hear from you…