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Eight drinking mistakes Nairobi women make

December 6th, 2015 2 min read


For the average Nairobi woman, the weekend is not enjoyed until she has had her favorite brew. While at it, she is likely to make some mistakes. Here’s a look into some of them;

1. Mixing different types of alcohol – There’s always that temptation not to call it a night until you have tasted all that the bar has to offer. While it will give you a high, mixing up different alcoholic drinks is a bad idea as you end up drinking more. Apart from upsetting your stomach, it will give you a bad hangover the morning after.

2. Skipping water – Skipping water is the biggest cause of those hangovers from hell. Water fights the dehydration that comes with drinking alcohol. It also fastens the release of toxins from the drinking. If you drink enough water ladies, you will not have hangovers. You will also need not worry about your skin.

3. Drinking for the antioxidants – We have all heard that wines are a rich source of antioxidants. The Nairobi woman goes to the bar with this one fact at the top of her mind. She forgets that wine isn’t the only food item that is rich in antioxidant and overindulging in it ends up doing more harm than good to her body.

4. Forgetting dinner – A lot of women in Nairobi underplay the importance of having a meal before indulging in alcohol. A full stomach slows down your body’s absorption of alcohol. It will save you from having that black out and having things happen to you that you do not remember.

5. Insisting on that last drink – Even when she is clearly intoxicated, she will insist on that one last drink. This is the drink that tips her over. After she has had it she will start doing embarrassing things like stripping naked, crying or she will black out.

6. Sharing drinks – It is a woman thing, they like sharing things from their deepest feelings to clothes and make up. At the bar, they might also share drinks. A woman will ask to have a sip of what her friend is drinking. They forget that this isn’t a healthy practice it is easy to pass on infections like the common cold, cold sores and even herpes!

7. Drinking with straws – The women who do this argue that it gives them a quicker buzz. To an onlooker though, it looks very unlady like. Also, your speed of drinking not your mode of downing the drink is what affects how fast you get drunk.

8. Having a drink the morning after – A lot of people mistakenly think that having one last drink the morning after will kill the hangover. What this does is raise the alcohol levels in your body again and delay the hangover. It doesn’t kill a hangover.