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8 Hangover promises you will break

October 18th, 2015 1 min read

It’s a Sunday morning and you are sure your life has never been worse. You have a splitting headache while the contents of your stomach feel like they’ve exploded.

Mornings are all about making these hangover promises, and nights are all about breaking them. Here are few reminders on your failures of self-control.

1. You start by saying that, you’ll never mix beer and vodka again.

2. When you go out you will try to restrain yourself to rushing to throw up in those dirty toilets, where your friend picked you up last night.

3. You remember that you haven’t talked to your dad in a long time and its time you visited him and had a chat.


4. Time to go to church and decide that you will join a religion that will not let you do that to your body again.

5. You promise to start working out again, but the gym will have to wait until you finish that mbuzi kilo you ordered.

6. You promise never to text your ex again after you look at your phone and find out that you had texted telling her to come to your house at 3 in the morning and you missed her.

7. You promise to never again take tequila shots, only beer will be going down your throat/.

8. You promise yourself that today was your last hangover ever.