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Eight Important sex tips for the obese man

December 6th, 2015 2 min read

An overweight man can enjoy sex just as much as the next guy. This is if he changes his mindset and pays attention to his body and to his partner. Here are a few tips guaranteed to help him enjoy the experience more:

1. Go easy on the mirrors – A lot of people like to have mirrors in their bedrooms. The visuals work as a sexual stimulation. If you are a guy who is a little uneasy about your size, mirrors will have the opposite effect. Try just being in the moment. You can escape in your mind and imagine that you are whoever you want to be.

2. Feedback – A fulfilling sexual experience is one where partners can openly say if they experience displeasure. If something doesn’t feel too good, say it. Also create an environment where your partner can speak out. This way, you can find things that give both of you pleasure.

3. Be more attentive – Being more attentive to your partners needs will more than make up for what you may lack in as a result of your weight. This alongside a changed mindset will give you as a fulfilling experience as the next guy.

4. If you sweat don’t worry – An overweight man might get worried about sweating during love making. The truth however is that it might be a good thing. When men sweat, they give off testosterone. Few things are attractive to a woman than a testosterone filled man. It is a natural turn on.

5. Positions – Body weight can inhibit you from having a thoroughly fulfilling experience. It is up to you and your partner to keep trying until you find those positions that work for you.

6. Make pillows your friend – If you have more than average body weight, you are going to need pillows to have a fulfilling sexual life. What pillows do is stop the experience from becoming an exhausting chore and instead make it a pleasurable experience. The number of pillows will depend on how overweight you are.

7. Concentrate on the fun – No matter your body size, you will not really enjoy a sexual experience until you get comfortable with yourself. Allow yourself to enjoy your partner. Concentrate on the good, not the bad. If she was turned off by your weight, you wouldn’t have go to this point with her in the first place. Remember that.

8. Mind your health – All this having been said, if your weight is affecting your health, start doing something about it. You can become more physically active and adopt healthier eating habits. You can still enjoy your sex life while on this journey.