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Eight local foods guaranteed to boost a woman’s libido

Sometimes, every once in a while, a woman will need a boost to get her sex drive back in line. Or maybe you are a bride to be looking for something to fight the nerves and put you in the mood on the big night.

The great news is that getting your groove back is as easy as adding some foods in your diet. Here’s a look into a few locally available foods that are guaranteed to do just that;

1. Water melon – This will come as a surprise seeing as woman have been discouraged from eating water melon time and again. The argument usually is that water melons are mostly water. Well, this is true, 92 percent of a water melon is water. What most do not know is that the remaining 8 percent is made up of ingredients that deliver Viagra like reactions in a woman’s body. They contain a nutrient called citrulline which the body converts into amino acids and arginine which raise the nitric oxide levels in the body. This relaxes the blood vessels spiking her libido.

Ripe water melon

2. Ginger – This is an ingredient you will not miss in most kitchens. It is used mainly for medicinal purposes. Ginger can also aid in getting a woman’s libido back. It dilates the blood vessels allowing blood to freely flow to the genital areas. Ginger will make your heart race.

3. Pumpkin seeds – Women with a higher sex drive usually have higher testosterone levels. The Zinc contained in pumpkin seeds stops the body from converting testosterone into estrogen thus boosting a woman’s sex drive. This is one way of killing two birds with one stone. You can cook the pumpkin for the evening meal then blend the seeds into a smoothie to make an aphrodisiac.

4. Chilies – Have you been feeling a little out of it of late? Adding a few chilies to your evening meal will give you the instant libido boost you need. The ingredient Capsaicin present in chilies increase your blood flow naturally triggering your libido.

5. Eggs – You now have a reason to add a little egg to your evening meal. Eggs are protein packed. This is useful in boosting one’s focus and also boosting your energy two qualities you need in the sack. Most of low libido instances in women are hormonal. Eggs contain vitamin b6 which regulates hormone levels. Just make a habit out of it.


6. Tomatoes – Sex for a woman is all about nerves and feelings. Biting into a tomato a little while before bed time will significantly ease a woman’s pre-sex nerves. It will also improve your muscle control thus upping your performance.

7. Pink lady apples – In addition to keeping the doctor away, having an apple a day will also heal your sexual desire. Eating apples has been linked to higher female sexual function index scores. They enhance a woman’s lubrication as well as her sexual function.

8. Beetroot – Add a little beetroot to your evening fruit salad and your man will thank you for it. Beetroot is relaxing, which is the most basic prerequisite for sex. It contains high amounts of boron which facilitates fast production of the sex hormone.