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Eight healthy ways to clean your vagina

A woman is only as happy as her lady bits. Itching or unnatural scents are not only embarrassing but also unnerving. But they are also common problems that a woman will experience every once in a while.

Here are natural remedies that will cleanse your vagina and give you peace of mind. The great news is that you can find all these items in your kitchen cabinet.

1. Guava leaves – If you live in the hotter parts of Kenya where guavas thrive, you are a lucky woman because guava tree leaves are packed with antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory qualities. Guava fruits will help ease your cramping during menstruation while guava tree leaves will help you clear any odor or discharges that you may have. You will need to boil the leaves in a pot of water until the water comes down to half its original quantity. Let it cool then use it to wash your lady parts. Do this thoroughly twice a day and your lady parts will thank you for it.

2. Corn starch powder – Perspiration can give your vagina an unpleasant or unnatural scent. You can keep the scents away by keeping the genitals dry. Do this by sprinkling corn starch powder on the insides of your underwear before putting it on.When you perspire, the cornstarch will absorb all the moisture leaving your lady bits fresh, dry and free from infections.

3. Natural yoghurt – Yoghurt is a strong pro-biotic. It goes a long way in maintaining the correct levels of good bacteria in your vagina. In addition to eating your daily share of yoghurt, you can also apply yoghurt directly to your vagina. It is best done at night. Dip a fresh tampon in a tab of yoghurt and insert in the vagina. Remove it in the morning and rinse your lady bits thoroughly. The yoghurt should be plain and unsweetened.



4. Raw garlic – Garlic has powerful antifungal properties. To cleanse your lady bits and keep fungal infections at bay, attach a clean string on one garlic clove and insert the clove in your vagina leaving the string dangling for easy removal. Leave the clove in for at least six hours. You can also make a paste out of garlic cloves and apply it directly to your vagina. The paste will sting a bit when it comes into contact with your skin but the freshness that you will feel afterwards will be worth it.

5. Apple cider vinegar – Apple cider vinegar has both anti-microbial and antifungal properties. It will also balance PH levels in your lady bits keeping odors away. To enjoy these benefits, pour some apple cider vinegar in to a bowl of lukewarm water and use this mixture to clean your lady parts. Alternatively, you can dilute some apple cider vinegar with lukewarm water and dip a tampon in the mixture. Insert the tampon in the vagina for a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Your lady bits will be happy.

6. Salt – Bacteria are what usually causes itching in the vagina. Salty water can get rid of this bacteria. Plain salt is too strong to be rubbed on the vagina. You can enjoy its benefits by diluting a bit of it in salty water and using the water to cleanse. If you have a bath, add some salt into your bath water. Make sure that you do not have any sores or bruises in your genital areas as the salt can sting.

7. Baking soda – Baking soda goes a long way in balancing PH levels in a woman’s genitals. It can be ingested by dissolving a teaspoon full in a glass of lukewarm water or a woman can soak in it. Pour baking soda in your bath water and soak in it. Make sure to dry properly with a clean towel after your bath.

Baking soda
Baking soda

8. Cold compress – Ice cubes are an instant remedy to itching lady parts. The urge to itch down there is mostly severe during warm weather. Place a few ice cubes on a piece of cloth or directly on the itchy area for instant relief.






DISCLAIMER: Always seek medical advice from a doctor before adopting home remedies.