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8 things every wife wants to hear

Even the holy book says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing. If you are one of the lucky ones and you have found yourself a good woman, then you should work at maintaining this relationship. Here’s a look into things that you could say to her to achieve this;

1. You make me want to be a better man – This is how the African woman is raised. She is told that her role in marriage is to inspire a man to be the best her can be. If your woman is doing this, tell her.

2. Do you need a hug? – Women, even the strongest ones need a constant show of affection and regular reassurance. If something seems off with her, don’t wait for her to ask for a hug, offer it. Take care of your wife.

3. Thank you – This is one of the best ways that a man can show his love for his wife. It is immensely satisfying for a woman to know that her man appreciates her role in his life. Try these little two words and watch the magic happen in your relationship.

4. You are so smart – While it is important to tell your wife she is beautiful, chances are that this is something she has heard over and over. To stand out from the pack, compliment the part of her that everybody else ignores. Compliment her on her mind.

5. I would like to include you in the decision making process – When you tell your wife this, it lets her know that she is more than just someone you have a good time with. Involving her in the decision making process reassures her that the two of you are partners.

6. You are a terrific mother to our children – Motherhood is no walk in the park but being the strong woman that she is, your wife takes it all in her stride. Every so often, let her know that you are not blind to her efforts.

7. What are your hopes and dreams? – This lets her know that you think of her as an all-round human being who has potential. Offer her a listening ear, listen as she unpacks her hopes and dreams and then sit back and watch as she falls even deeper in love with you.

8. I will always be here for you – Every woman wants to know that her man has her back. She wants to be sure that in the event that she can’t show up for herself, then he will show up for her.