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Eight ways your smartphone habits are ruining your love life

Smartphones have made our loves so much easier; there is no debate about that. But technology is a double edged sword.The numerous benefits that your phones gives you comes at a cost.

Smartphones may have made dating easier but if not watched, they can ruin your relationship. Here’s how;

1. It kills conversation – Effective communication is a big part of any romantic relationship. If you are always looking down on your phones, then you are not communicating and it can make one party in a relationship feel lonely.

2. Separation anxiety – Smartphones are addictive. We want to spend every waking moment with our phones and when they are taken away, we feel as if we are going crazy. What happens when you are in a relationship is that every time you are separated with your gadget, you experience some separation anxiety. This anxiety can keep you from enjoying moments spent with your significant other.

3. Old flames – Unlike the good old days when people used letters to communicate, now anyone you wish to connect with is just a click of a button away. This means that our exes and potential future lovers are always on our finger tips.

4. The miscommunication risk – When you can’t see your love interest’s facial expressions or read their body language, it is easy to miscommunicate. This means that if calling or texting has replaced face-to-face communication with your significant other, then you are putting your relationship at risk or miscommunication.

5. Boundaries – Being available on your phone 24/7 can blur the lines between your personal and your professional life. It means that your work or your business can take time away from your relationship with your significant other.

6. Ringing in the bedroom – We go with our phones everywhere. Even to bed. What happens when you are getting intimate with your significant other then the phone starts ringing? The mood dies. A ringing phone in the bedroom is such a mood killer in the bedroom. It isn’t good for your relationship.

7. Source of jealousy – Phones are possibly the biggest sources of jealousy amongst partners in relationships today. When one partner puts a password on his or her  phone or spends a great deal of time on the phone, then the other person begins to wonder about what or who is on the other side of it.

8. Your fighting styles – Fighting via text can seem easy. The truth however is that it is just as easy for a situation to get out of hand when you are dealing with it via text. Texting can blow out of proportion a problem that could have been easily fixed otherwise.