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83 Ethiopian illegal immigrants arrested in Tassia

By STELLA CHERONO February 21st, 2014 1 min read

Police in Embakasi are holding 83 Ethiopian Nationals who were arrested on Thursday in a house in Tassia.

The immigrants, according to Embakasi Police OCPD, Akello Odhiambo, were living in a single room in the estate and are suspected to have been on exit to another country.

“They were in poor health, dirty and were stuck in one room” Mr Odhiambo said. They are suspected to have entered the country through the Kenyan- Ethiopian border illegally.

The arrest is just one of the many that have been done in the past few days as the police and the immigration department seemingly having clashing over who is responsible for them.

Last month, 15 illegal Somali immigrants who were supposed to be repatriated camped at the Shaurimoyo Police station for more than three weeks.

Police at the station complained that the immigrants were tampering with the operations of the station as they were responsible for feeding and sheltering them.

Nairobi County Police Chief Benson Kibui  asked members of the public to collaborate with police by giving information concerning illegal immigrants so as to help police fight crime and terror threat in the country.