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84-year-old granny raped in her home

By Amina Wako October 26th, 2019 1 min read

An 84-year-old granny was allegedly attacked and raped in her home at Ngerwe Village Embu County on Thursday.

According to police officers at Kubugu police station where the matter was reported, the granny is recuperating at the Embu Level five hospital.

She told the police that the attacker broke down the door to her house, grabbed her, placed her on a seat in her living room and raped her.

She also told the police her mouth was covered with a piece of cloth to prevent her from screaming. She was alone in the house when the incident happened on Thursday night.

On Friday morning, the family members woke up to find the granny had bruises on her face and she narrated the ordeal.

The matter was reported at Kubugu Police Station and the victim taken to Embu Level Five hospital for treatment.

In August of this year, a 80-year-old granny was reportedly raped and strangled at Kianyange Village.

The body of Jedida Wanjiru Wanjohi was discovered by her three-year-old grandson who then alerted other family members.

In February 2019 a 95-year-old grandmother was raped and killed in Githunguri.

The crime was committed in Raiyani village in Kwa maiko area. The woman, Peninah Njoki had gone to visit a friend after church and she never returned home.

Her body was later found lying at the riverside with deep scratches all over her body.