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9-year-old boy gets state commendation for his hand washing machine – VIDEO

A nine-year-old Stephen Wamukota on Monday received a prestigious state commendation for building a unique hand washing machine to aid in the fight against Covid-19.

Wamukota was named by President Uhuru Kenyatta as a recipient of the first Uzalendo Award alongside 67 others who were deemed to have contributed to the country’s anti-Covid-19 fight.


The newly created presidential category of state commendations honours civilian Kenyans who play key roles in helping the country during the Covid-19 period.

The first batch of award’s recipients featured professionals ranging from doctors, businessmen and journalists.

Among the prominent names in the list is Equity Group CEO James Mwangi, Covid-19 Fund Chairperson Jane Karuku, and Ministry of Health Director Dr Patrick Amoth.

But it is the young Wamukota who stood out in the list, not just for his tender age, but for his innovation.

Last month, Wamukota, who hails from Siboti Ward in Bumula Constituency, grabbed the headlines after coming up with a hand washing machine that left many people amazed by the innovation.

The pupil at Mukwa Primary School, made the machine which does not require one to touch the liquid soap or the water bucket, which are placed side by side.


Wamukota said that he came up with the idea after watching many people struggle to wash their hands. He began putting together the machine and later on his father helped him to complete it. He said he only used Sh3,000 to build his machine.

The youngster said his father gave him some money to finance his project.

“I had the idea of developing this machine and after I started, I became ran out of materials and approached my father who assisted me complete it,” he said.

On May 15, Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati and area Senator Cleophas Malala said they would scout for a special school for Wamukota to nurture his creativity.

Kenya is one of many countries globally that have reported Covid-19 cases. On Monday, the country registered 59 new cases of people who have tested positive for coronavirus, raising the national tally of positive cases to 2,021.

And in his Madaraka Day speech, President Kenyatta called for unity in the country’s quest to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic.