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9 years on, Ida Odinga pays moving tribute to Fidel Odinga

January 5th, 2024 2 min read

Ida Odinga, the wife of former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, took to social media on Thursday, January 4, to share a heartfelt message commemorating the ninth anniversary of her son Fidel Odinga’s passing.

In the emotional tribute, she reflected on Fidel’s growth, kindness, and the enduring memories that continue to illuminate his life.

A source who spoke to the Daily Monitor described Fidel as very protective of his father. “At some point, he just wanted to be next to his father to provide extra security. I remember at one time when we were headed to Kasarani, Fidel jumped off his car and started running alongside his
father’s security and escort,” narrated the source.

Such concerns were supported by Fidel’s youngest sister, Winnie Odinga, who says his brother did not enjoy a father-to-son relationship with the dad. He treated Raila like his boss.

“They were just very serious, and he admired him so much that he could not even relax around him. He would always feel that maybe he was not doing enough. He became very protective of our father
and that is why he could be seen at his political rallies because he never even trusted his security enough,” said Winnie, adding that Fidel wanted to help his father achieve every single dream, but at
At times, he felt that maybe the people around him were not doing enough to help.

Ida expressed how she vividly recalls these qualities and how they remain etched in their memories.

“Then you grew up tall, loving, caring, happy, and incomparably kind. I still remember you in these ways. We still remember you in these ways,” the message read.

Ida, who played a pivotal role in raising Fidel from childhood to adulthood, shared her grief over the loss of her son, who passed away at the age of 41.

“It is nine today! Unbelievably fast! But that was always you, my Son Fidel Castro Makarios Odhiambo Odinga. From the first day I carried you to the many months you spent on my lap as a baby, you always wanted to be your own man so that you could protect us,” Ida reminisced.

Fidel, the firstborn son of Raila and Ida Odinga, was found dead in his bed on January 4, 2015.

Idah’s anniversary message conveyed the ongoing difficulty she faces in coming to terms with the loss and celebrated Fidel’s impactful life, noting how he lived right and left an indelible mark on those around him.

“Nine years later, I have struggled to accept something that these years without you have taught me. That perhaps, you may have just lived enough because you lived so right. Your passing away, no doubt, shook me and shook us. Nothing in this world will ever be able to replace your presence around us,” she stated.

Despite the pain, Ida celebrated the wonderful life her family experienced with Fidel, emphasizing that they continue to cherish and reminisce to keep his memories alive.

“We haven’t exhausted your account of affectionate smiles. We haven’t withdrawn even half of the sweet names you called us, the wonderful praises you showered us. And with motherly pride, I don’t think I will ever exhaust the ‘Mommy’ names you called me,” she added.