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95-year-old grandpa gifts wife her dream wedding 40 years later

By WAIKWA MAINA December 19th, 2017 1 min read

A few steps from the church entrance, Mr Henry Kariuki, 95, stops limping, stares hard at his 70-year-old wife, straightens and hugs her.

“Alice, remember that first day we met? I promised you a colourful church wedding and honeymoon at a place of your choice. That is where l am taking you today,” he says.

That was at ACK Passenga church in Nyandarua County, where the old man fulfilled a 40-year-old pledge to Ms Alice Wanjiku.

The Sunday marriage ceremony attracted hundreds of guests from near and far.

It was a day that left the congregation in stitches every time Mr Kariuki said a word or did anything as requested by the clergy.


Limping but full of humour and confident, the father of 17 appeared to have spent the 40 years practising how to do things the right way during the wedding.

The marriage certificate was finally signed and in response to the priests’ question on who among them would be the custodian of the precious document, the nonagenarian smiled at his bride and in a loud whisper said: “Fold it very carefully and place it in my coat pocket.”

Turning to the presiding priest, he said: “That should not worry or bother you. It is already safe, as you can see.”

Mr Kariuki said the decision to formalise the marriage came at the right time “when the government directed that unions should be legalised”.
He said he wanted to set an example to his children and other young people.

“It has always been my dream to give my beautiful wife a befitting wedding,” he said.