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A mortician’s diary: Tiktoker Ann Mwangangi’s weird experiences inside the cold room

There are many misconceptions around the life of a mortician, but one thing that remains constant is that they expose themselves to rather traumatic scenes day in and day out.

One Kenyan mortician by name of Ann Mwangangi has made it a personal mission to share her personal experiences in her line of work, including the ridiculous requests she gets from people who visit the morgue.

She said most of the time she is forced to take the professional approach to many demeaning situations she is presented with.


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Mwangangi, who has an impressive Tiktok following of 48.8K followers, recently shared a video via her account where she narrated an encounter she had with a person who kept insisting on viewing a body that was involved in a road accident, only to regret his decision after ignoring her warning.

“Imagine coming to serve someone at 2am at the morgue; the body is that of RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and one person insists on you opening the body bag for them to view,” she wrote.

“So it’s against protocol to give viewing of a body that you as an attendant haven’t seen so that you know how best to reduce trauma i.e. closing the mouth, closing the eyes, straightening of limbs and cleaning body fluids, and as you calm the guy trying to explain then boom!” she went on.

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“He yells trying to be violent you try to be professional and back from the chaos he’s trying to create. The professional me decided to walk away and proceed with my work and let the security guard deal with it, but he wouldn’t stop banging at the cold room door. I opened the bag and it was bad,” she narrated.

Mwangangi added that attempts to send away the unidentified man were futile as he was persistent in wanting to view the lifeless body.

“If he was this desperate to view, why not? I stepped out and asked everyone to let him be. I asked him to join me in the cold room and handed him a pair of gloves and closed the door behind me.”

Suddenly, the adamant man was paralysed by fear upon seeing the body.

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“Our German Shepherd turned into a chihuahua real quick, followed me, and asked me why I was leaving him behind. I didn’t respond and everyone else gave him a blank stare as he left the cold room,” she added.

“Turns out the guy is not family and no one knows who he really was. Respect is paramount when you step into someone else’s corridors.”


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In her videos, Mwangangi exposes some things people expect her to do in her line of work like releasing a body in dispute.

In another video, she cited incidents when she receives two burial permits for same dead body of a polygamous man.

“Go have an agreement in court. I won’t partake in your family feuds. Meanwhile, I hold the body until you reach a consensus. I have a brother depending on me. I can’t go to jail,” is her standard reply on such cases.

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