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A road in Mombasa has been named after Fidel Odinga and the web is divided

What’s better than thinking about an end-month Friday on a Thursday afternoon? Seeing Jubilee and Cord fanatics fight over a non-issue!

On Wednesday, Mombasa County named a road “Fidel Odinga” at an event graced by Cord leader Raila Odinga and area Governor Hassan Joho, among other leaders.

Mombasa county Finance chairman and nominated MCA Mohamed Hatimy defended the move even as some Jubilee leaders opposed it.


“Naming and renaming roads is executive power at the disposal of the governor. It does not even need approval from the county assembly,” Mr Hatimy told Nation in a telephone interview on Tuesday.

On social media, a contest of sorts took shape on Thursday, as KOT could not agree on whether Fidel, who died in January last year, should have been honoured with a road.

Twitter user Aswani. M (‏@itsAlumasi) wrote: “Fidel Odinga becomes the first inconsequential kenyan to have a road named after him, another milestone for Odinga family.”

Ivix D. Kioi (‏@IvixDKioi) said: “What Did Fidel Do For Kenya/Why Does He Need A Street Named After Him?”


Denis Magak Jamal (‏@magak_denis) defended the move writing: “#RailasDoubleStandards stop making noise about Fidel odinga road… blame ur parents for not being prominent in life (sic).”

Sam Bartocho (‏@SamMogul ) weighed in: “#RailasDoubleStandards At least James Orengo et al fought for the second liberation. Ali Mazrui intellectual What did Fidel Odinga do #Kenya.”

Joshua Jerry (‏@JoshuaJerry ) said, “Whining about things we can’t change is a waste of time let’s strive to live our dreams while we can still breathe & let Fidel Odinga RIP.”

Mabinjuan (‏@jagas_a) said: “Fidel Odinga may not have done much for KE. About same as Mama Ngina and Haile Selassie #FidelOdingaRoad.



GK Rowlandson (‏@GkRowlandson) said: “Would it be better to honour Mekatilili or Mazrui or other coastal heroes before hunting Fidel Odinga. Is it honouring or humouring?”

“We have people who have roads, schools, airports whatever named after them and what they did is grab land and loot Kenya. Let Fidel Odinga be,” wrote Bel Akinyi (‏@BelAkinyii ).

“So some of you tribal slaves are mad that Fidel Odinga has a road in Mombasa named after him. Ukabila itapatia watu ulcers.”