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Ababu and Mwaro: Case of a blissful marriage that ended up in bitter breakup

The late Prisca Mwaro Namwamba, who died on March 7, 2023, gained online fame at the height of her estranged husband Ababu Namwamba’s stint as an opposition politician. For eight years, the couple shared what was then a happy marriage before their bitter breakup about five years ago.

Back then, before their married collapsed, Ms Mwaro and Mr Namwamba, who is now the Cabinet Secretary for Youth Affairs, Sports and the Arts, never missed an opportunity to express their love for each other on social media. They often posted content about their family life, vacations overseas and their future plans.

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Sample one such message the late Mwaro posted on December 23, 2016:

“My sweet husband Ababu. I have no complaints about life with you because you have made it what it is today dear. I imagine it just doesn’t get any better than this dear. Today is your special day and I’m going to be your personal genie dear. Every wish of yours will be fulfilled… just name it my lord and it shall be done. Your love makes every minute of my life so warm Shipep, breezy and sunny like Budas. Happy Birthday to my sunshine, love and Shipepe. I love you dear Ababu Namwamba.”

But then in 2018 things would take a nasty turn in that blissful union amid Ms Mwaro’s claims of infidelity. It was then reported that Ms Mwaro left the couple’s matrimonial home as she went public with a litany of grievances.

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However, weeks later, Mwaro denied claims that she and her husband had separated with a post in which she expressed her love for him, saying she was his number one cheerleader. This message contradicted claims by one of her siblings that efforts to reconcile the couple had hit a snag.

In her last social media post, Mwaro shared a video of herself with one of her sons in her bedroom. Mwaro and Namwamba had three children together.

Media reports indicate that Mwaro had in past three years been suffering from failing health and that prior to her death she had been in and out of hospital. She passed on a day after celebrating her birthday.

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