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Abel Mutua’s brother LukuBaridi addresses reports of assaulting his late brother Rapho

Abel Mutua’s brother, Jesse Mwethuku, also recognized as LukuBaridi, has broken his silence to respond to allegations of assaulting their late sibling, Rapho on multiple occasions.

In an extensive Instagram statement, Jesse shed light on his side of the story, candidly admitting to resorting to physical discipline with his younger brother.

He disclosed that the first incident occurred in 2020 when Rapho arm-twisted their father, who was intervening to prevent Rapho from using drugs.

“I want to unconditionally admit kuwa I went physical on my kid Bro on several occasions, that’s absolutely true, and that here’s the other side of the coin,” Jesse stated in part.

Addressing the controversy surrounding Rapho’s death, Jesse expressed regret that the timing coincided with his mourning period.

He clarified that one specific aspect against him, violence towards his brother, needed addressing for his peace of mind.

Jesse explained that despite the opportunity for Rapho to live comfortably with Abel, their younger brother chose a more basic life with him due to their father’s retirement and relocation.

Detailing the challenges Rapho faced, Jesse mentioned their shared living arrangement before Rapho’s relocation after finding a job.

Rapho, disappointed with the way things unfolded, struggled with mental health issues, sinking into depression.

“I’d come to visit him, napata he’s sleeping na black stanaz, for kitu 2 months amelala na Gogos, so I looked for a few friends of his nkawauliza if they’ve noticed sth with Rapho wakanishow your bro nkama nastep..meaning Ako karibu kuwachilia,” Jesse explained.

Attempting to support his brother, Jesse revealed his efforts to take Rapho to the hospital and encourage him to join rehab, but Rapho refused.

Recounting an incident involving their father, Jesse highlighted a distressing call where Rapho had a physical altercation with their dad over a sling bag containing a few drugs. Jesse questioned Rapho’s state of mind and acknowledged the challenges of dealing with a brother suffering from mental health issues.

Jesse added, “I went to ushago April 21st, 2020, ata sikusalimia watu, nili go physical on my bro for the first time in my life. I can swear this before God, and he apologized, and we shook hands tukasema I should never get such a call ever in history.”

Jesse acknowledged that due to the challenges he faced with Rapho, he made a solemn vow that they should only contact him when Rapho had decided to seek rehabilitation.

“… I got a call from Dad asking me to come with policemen and collect the lifeless body of my brother.

“So as for violence, I admit!!! but that’s not violence; it was kurekebisha makosa as his second parent. Remember, I was the only one living with Rapho.

Did I do it out of anger? No, I was trying to rekebisha kosa.

Did I love your brother? Absolutely, if this ain’t love, then I don’t know what’s love. Do you regret anything? Absolutely not, I did my best but it wasn’t enough.

R.I.P Rapho…I’m saddened that I had to clarify my actions at such a time.”

The family is yet to share the circumstances surrounding his tragic death.

‘Rapho’ died on December 28 aged 23.

Abel Mutua has promised to talk about his late brother’s story to save someone else.

He also mentioned that his brother was ill and many friends stood with him as they tried to help him recover.

Mutua’s statement came in response to criticism from social media users who questioned his appeal for financial assistance to provide his brother with a dignified burial.

Some users argued that, based on the content he shares on his social media pages, he appears financially stable and should not be soliciting support from the Kenyan public.

Nevertheless, there were staunch supporters who strongly defended the actor against the backlash.

May Rapho’s soul rest in peace!

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