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Abominations vs Norms: A Kenyan-Tanzanian wedding divide

By Winnie Mabel February 5th, 2023 2 min read

In a video shared by Nancy Sifa on social media, a Tanzanian woman married to a Kenyan and residing in Kenya revealed Kenyans’ ways that left her dealing with mixed feelings, including awe, shock, disbelief, and happiness to some degree.

“Things that are normal in Tanzania but in Kenya are just an abomination. Number one, we don’t eat unless the man of the house has eaten or is eating, then we (females) will eat. In Kenya, if its bad, it’s all bad. If someone hasn’t eaten where they were, they will sleep hungry,” began the lass.

Her second item on the list was women fighting men. Apparently, in Tanzania –unlike in Kenya- women have no energy, strength, or courage to stand up to men and fight for themselves.

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They would rather pacify the situation with apologies, ask for forgiveness and promise never to repeat the infractions that caused the beef.

“In Kenya, you go die!” added the lady.

She said, “In Tanzania, regardless of your religion or practices, we all wear decently and respectfully. We all wear deras (free size, shapeless dresses). It’s a norm. I’m not saying they don’t dress decently in Kenya but then! There is just something!”

She also mentioned the differences in street foods between the two countries. In Tanzania, a pedestrian would come across whole buffets being sold on the street, including French fries, chicken, barbequed meat, chapatti, mandazi, mahamri, coconut beans while in Kenya it was limited to mutura (roasted animal intestines), eggs and smokies- and one’s day is over.

“Another thing that shocked me is that there are vibandas in Kenya where beans, maize, githeri and other cereals are boiled, and customers just come and buy them then go and cook.

In Tanzania, we do the entire process and then cook. In Kenya its very easy- even chapati you find already cooked. In Tanzania, you have to do it independently, ” the lady added.

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She also mentioned that Tanzanian women enjoyed wearing open sandals due to their climate and for comfort purposes. She compared this to Kenyan women’s penchant for wearing boots- like a soldier in a parade -in all kinds of weather even when it was unnecessary.

“In Tanzania, it is normal to walk around with a lesso/kikoi and a t-shirt. We wear something inside and tie the lesso around our waists and go about our business. In Kenya! They walk around in booty shorts that have ridden up into their assets until their reproductive systems are almost visible. That is something that shocked me in Kenya,” the lady went on.

She also found it odd how every two minutes a person walked around in Kenya, they wouldn’t miss a liquor shop unlike in Tanzania where there are designated locations for these shops to operate.

“In Tanzania, it is mandatory for a woman who has just given birth to go and stay with her mother to take care of her or the mum to come where she is to take care of her. In Kenya, you can give birth up to seven children and no one will give a hoot,” concluded the lady.

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