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Abused Ugandan toddler is fine

A stomach-turning video of a nanny assaulting a defenseless toddler in a living room has gone viral online sparking outrage among Kenyans.

But Nairobi News can confirm that the toddler is fine after seeing heart-warming pictures of the bubbly one-year-old taken in the past few days.

The incident happened last Friday in Kampala, Uganda. The parents said the baby had been discharged from hospital and was improving.

“We took her to the hospital for medical checkup and she is okay. We will be returning to the hospital next week,” the girl’s mother only identified as Angela told Daily Monitor by telephone on Saturday.

Police said the motive of the assault had not yet been established but added that Tumuhirwe had worked for the couple’s home for only 26 days.

According to the police spokesperson Fred Enanga, the case was reported by the girl’s father Eric Kamanzi on November 13 at Kiwatule Police Post after he had viewed the footage of CCTV camera installed in the house.

The matter was transferred to Kiira Police Division. After the investigations, the maid was charged with torture in Nakawa Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

The two-minute-long video shows a built woman who was caught on camera slapping a toddler.

In the video, the nanny tries to force-feed the baby, resorts to eating the baby’s food, then goes mental after the baby throws up the food (which she had hurriedly been forced to eat). All the while the maid is watching television.


In the usual children’s innocence and quick-to-forgive character, the adorable baby plays as the woman feeds.

When the baby throws up, the woman throws her furiously on the hard tiled floor. All the while, the toddler is wailing helplessly.

The woman then shockingly clobbers the tot’s bare behind with what looks like a huge torch, even taking time to remove the baby’s tiny hands that she uses to shield herself.

She then kicks the baby and steps on her frail body as the toddler lies on her stomach.

As if that is not enough, she lifts the baby and disappears into other rooms where the mistreatment continues.

The cruel nanny was arrested when the police were shown the shocking footage.

She has been remanded to Luzira Prison near Kampala and returns to court in early December to answer to charges of attempted murder.

Mr Enanga said Ms Tumuhirwe was charged under Section 3 of the Anti-Torture Act. The section stipulates several offences including “systematic beating, all of which attract a maximum penalty of 15 years in jail on conviction.

However, Enanga said the police had sought advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions to amend the charge to attempted murder which attracts up to a maximum sentence of life imprisonment on conviction.