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Accept and move on, man in HIV love saga told

January 12th, 2016 2 min read


Kenyans have urged Mr Kelvin Karuga Mwaura to accept and move on after his attempts to win over his HIV positive lover hit a brick wall.

In an earlier interview with the Nation, Mr Mwaura said he was willing to contract the virus from his lover who has insisted that she can only marry a person who is living with Aids like herself.

The two met while they were university students.

Mr Mwaura had sued his lover for allegedly attempting to wilfully infect him with HIV but despite a ruling in his favour by a tribunal, he still insisted that he wanted to marry her. However, she only said she would marry a man who had the same condition as hers.

On Monday, Kenyans who read Mr Mwaura’s story asked him to seek help, accept that the woman will never be his to love and cherish and move on with his life.

Twenty seven-year-old  Mwaura, who was seeking Sh1.1 million, was hailed by some as a brave man who defies stigma to love a HIV positive person while others thought he should seek professional help.


Ms Esther Wagaki called on his parents and people of goodwill to step in and book him a flight to somewhere far away from here.

“His parents and friends should be looking for the next Boeing. There is no harm in loving an infected person only that he has fallen in love with a wicked Jezebel whose mission is to take Naboth’s vine by force,” Ms Wagaki posted.

And Ms Esther Wakonyu said love alone was not enough.

“He needs counselling to understand love is not a property and there’s life beyond the heart. The best love is when you love with your brain, not heart because you can go mad or commit suicide when you love with your heart.”

Majid Kher Ali said: “If some of us understand what real love is, then you will understand the tragic love affair between these two suffering souls.”

Some were however unimpressed and called him reckless.

Agume Asiimwe Charlotte posted; “Heavens! One meant to be a genius is a sure fool. His behaviour is destructive.”


Most comments, however, point to the notion that HIV is not a death sentence and people can live with the condition. Others expressed concern over games of deception. A user by the name Mzeiyya Mzii said he had once been approached to falsify HIV-test results.

“Someone tried to bribe me to give false results on his HIV status to his lover six years ago. I declined,” he said.

The court awarded Mr Mwaura Sh127,000 as damages. He says he will use the cash to buy a dog but still insists he wants his girl back.

“My family already booked me into a mental institution. But the heart wants what it wants,” he said.

The woman who is named as a respondent in the suit however warns that Mr Mwaura is not telling the whole truth.

“He failed to tell you the reason he was jilted is because he is a stalker and a psychopath who brutally assaulted my face,” said the woman, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons. She accused him of trying to burn her face with an iron box.