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Accused wife killer weeps in court over denial of bail

A Nairobi businessman who is accused of shooting his wife dead in Nairobi’s Buruburu estate on the eve of Jamhuri Day wept in court as the prosecution pressed that he be denied bail for fear of interfering with key witnesses in the case.

The court was urged to secure the evidence of a sister of the deceased, a night guard and another relative who witnessed the fateful incident before considering a request for the release Mr Erastus Odhiambo Ediot pending the determination of his case.

“If the accused is released on bail, there is real danger of fear among the key witnesses who include Ms Diana Irungu, a sister of the deceased who actually saw the injuries being inflicted during the 4.00am incident,” prosecutor Catherine Mwaniki said.


She said releasing the suspect, a licensed gun-holder, on bond posed the potential of traumatising the witnesses and may prejudice the case.

Ms Mwaniki said the suspect pulled his wife out of a car, shot her from the back and continued to step on her while she lay bleeding on the ground.

“He even tried to prevent her relatives from gaining access into the compound to take her for treatment and pursued a vehicle that later rushed her to hospital before losing track,” the prosecutor said.

However, lawyer Robert Onyango, who is defending the suspect, said the prosecution was whipping up emotions without paying attention to the provisions of the law.

“We must not lose focus on what the law provides. We need to interpret the law in a manner that provides justice for both parties. We all know emotions are high as we lost a colleague…the seriousness of the offence can only be determined at the time of the trial and not at this stage,” the lawyer said.


Mr Odhiambo has denied killing Ms Linda Wanjiku on the night of December 11 at Buru Buru estate, Nairobi. A ruling on the bail will be delivered on February 3.

On Wednesday, during the proceedings he sobbed in court and produced a handkerchief to wipe away his tears.

Buruburu police held Mr Odhiambo to help with investigations over the death of his 27-year-old lawyer wife after he allegedly hit her head with a gun butt before the shooting on December 11.

Eyewitnesses said the couple quarreled at around 4:30am before the wife decided to leave for her parent’s home but was pulled out of her car and attacked.

Neighbours says they had a single gunshot and later saw the suspect try to prevent people rushing to the rescue from accessing the home.

They helped the deceased’s father and brother lift her into their car and rushed her to Jamaa Hospital where she was pronounced dead.