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ACK Archbishop Ole Sapit asks Supreme Court to review LGBTQ ruling

Kenyan Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit has called for the reversal of the Supreme Court ruling on the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning (LGBTQ).

Ole Sapit has reiterated that the Kenyan Anglican Church is against the Church of England and other churches that are now blessing same-gender marriages in the church.

“If you go back to our African cultures, we have our norms and dos and don’ts. And if there is anything that humanity cannot handle is absolute freedom, that is why we have the laws to regulate us,” Sapit said.

The Archbishop said that the ruling directly attacked the traditional way of the African family setup, which should be

“This agenda is attacking that defence line so that there would be no opportunity for us to have anything we believe in, any culture, and any norm that governs us and directs us.”

He said that while the court might not have seen any problem with the registration of the LGBTQ as an NGO in the country, their agenda or motive of registering that association ought to have been raised.

“When we register without scrutinizing why they associate then we’re asking ourselves are we going to register any other group that we know they are going to do something that is not right in the eyes of our society,” added that,” what the judges have done has to be revered by whatever means and I want to call the people of faith and the Christian family and all of us to stand up and say no to this because it will eat up into the gains we have made in bringing a moral society.”

Sapit says that allowing the LGBTQ agenda to succeed in the country will slow birth rates.

The Archbishop has also faulted the England Church for proposing to neutralize God in their church to bring terms which will represent the entire genders.

“The gender-neutral language s to have a Bible without any reference to any gender.”

He said that the debate is being influenced by the Western, which should be denied by the African leaders.

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