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Activist Al-Amin Kimathi batters ex-wife over property dispute

By MERCY NJOKI September 12th, 2015 2 min read

Police are investigating claims that renowned human rights activist Al-Amin Kimathi assaulted his ex-wife on Wednesday over a dispute on matrimonial property following a bitter divorce.

The activist is said to have stormed Andalucy Academy in South B at 3.30pm and proceeded to attack Ms Farida Saad, his ex-wife, who is also an administrator at the institution, where their teenage daughter also schools.

During the nasty incident, statements given to police at the Industrial Area police station claim that the enraged activist also attacked the school’s principal, Fatuma Ali, raining blows and kicks on her and even undressing her hijab.

He is also accused of hitting the principal repeatedly on the head with a metallic stapler and a paper punch, as he hurled abuses at her.


Ms Farida Saad, Al-Amin Kimathi's ex-wife. PHOTO | FILE
Ms Farida Saad, Al-Amin Kimathi’s ex-wife. PHOTO | FILE


The school’s principal (Fatuma Ali) told Nairobi News that she reported the incident at the Industrial Area Police station under OB number 44/09/09/2015 but claims that police officers accused her of meddling in a domestic dispute. Al Amin’s ex-wife also reported the attack at the station under OB number 45/ 09/ 09/ 2015.

Two schoolgirls who attempted to rescue their principal from the grip of Al-Amin were not spared either, as the activist turned on them, kicked one of them in the stomach and left the other with a swollen lip.

“I am above the law and nothing will happen to me even if you report to police,” Al-Amin kept shouting to the crowd of shocked students.

When contacted by Nairobi News to comment on the incident, the activist confirmed that there was an ongoing family dispute, but blamed politicians and bloggers for spreading false information about him on social media.

He also claimed to have reported the incident at a police station.

Makadara OCPD, Nehemiah Lagat confirmed the incidence on Wednesday at the school located in South B.

“We arrested the suspect and released him on Cash Bail for the reported assault. The wife had submitted the P3 which we’ve been waiting for and Al Amin has come to have his fingerprints taken. We will present the suspect in court on Monday” Mr Lagat said.


Ms Farida Saad protesting outside Parliament buildings for the release of Al-Amin Kimathi who was detained in Uganda. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS
Ms Farida Saad protesting outside Parliament buildings for the release of Al-Amin Kimathi who was detained in Uganda. PHOTO | NAIROBI NEWS


The activist was the centre of a storm in September 2010, when he was detained in Uganda where he had gone to advise Kenyan terror suspects who he claimed had been illegally extradited.

Mr Kimathi, then the head of the Muslim Human Rights Forum, had accused Kenya and Uganda of illegal rendition – arresting suspects in Kenya and sending them to Uganda without due process.

During the period of his detention in Uganda, his ex-wife had mobilised human rights activists to stage several demonstrations outside Parliament buildings to demand for his release.

Mr Kimathi was released by Ugandan authorities in September 2011.