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Activist Boniface Mwangi declares his millions worth

Activist Boniface Mwangi on Thursday made good his promise to declare his wealth together with his wife of seven years.

Mr Mwangi stated that he is worth Sh3 million as his wife Njeri declared her worth as Sh2 million.

“So Boniface Mwangi is worth 3 million shillings. I have a 15 year old car, I have a motorbike, I have some savings in the Sacco, I live in a rented house…I earn a salary and I file my returns,” said Mr Mwangi.

His wife declared that she is worth Sh 2million stating; “I also have a car, I have a motorbike, jointly that is about one million and then with savings and other small things, a piece of land that I have bought, it comes to a maximum of sh2 million.”

The declaration did not however go down well with some of his followers on social media as they accused him of “lying”.

Brian S. Bomet commented; “Boniface Mwangi Owns a printing and media company here in Nairobi called Myrobi Limited; with a value of over 50 million, plus he is a partner in various companies holding majority shares. Can he declare where he got this money since we know your history well.”

To that the activist had a response stating; “Kenya Revenue Authority would be happy with that news. Please share the name of the company.”

Later Mr Mwangi added; “I don’t own myrobi –  youcan check with the registrar of companies, it’s not worth that much because l know its value and the owner is a good friend. For the record l engaged a lawyer to talk to the company because l want to buy shares. If l succeed will let you know.”

Mr Mwangi has in the past led numerous anti-corruption protests and has challenged all public servants to declare their wealth.

Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore led the park on Wednesday when he declared his wealth on the company’s website.

His high perks and salary totaling Sh10 million shocked many Kenyans who went ahead to express their mixed feelings on Twitter.