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Activist Mwangi quits politics

By Amina Wako August 9th, 2021 2 min read

Activist Boniface Mwangi has quit politics.

Via a video updated on his social media pages, Mwangi, also a former photojournalist said he was not willing to compromise his values to get elected as a majority of those who hold public office have a questionable reputation.

“There are many of you who think I should run again, but I will not vie again in the next year’s election. It’s very sad that in this country qualification for a public office is not ideas, vision, passion or love. For you to become elected in this country, you need money which can be very dirty money, you need a criminal record. So if you rape, murder and loot, and you have a bad reputation, you qualify for public office,” he claimed.

Mwangi further revealed that during the 2017 elections when he vied for a parliamentary seat in Starehe, he went through a traumatic experience that he was still healing from.

During the elections, Mwangi came third after losing to Charles Njagua, popularly known as Jaguar of the Jubilee Party.

Orange Democratic Movement’s (ODM) Steve Mbogo came in second.

The father of three however made it clear that he has not given up on Kenya

“I will continue serving in my capacity as an active Citizen and someone who believes Kenya can be better,” he added.

Mwangi also stepped down as a party leader of Ukweli Party, which he formed back in 2016.

Mwangi prides himself on being the only politician in Kenya whose political campaign was fully funded by Kenyans.

In 2018 Mwangi revealed he had spent Sh 18 million in cash and in-kind during his campaign.

“Four years ago, I ran for public office. I did the improbable, I ran a clean campaign. I did not have any money but when I was vying for that seat, I came to you and said “please support my campaign”. In your thousands you supported my campaign and gave me money, you gave me a car, you gave me your time and most importantly you gave me your votes,” he added.

He was thankful for the support he received during his campaign.