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Actor Abel Mutua narrates how fan called him minutes before his death

By Wangu Kanuri September 30th, 2022 2 min read

Kenyan actor cum content creator Abel Mutua, has announced the passing on of one of his fans Polycarp Amyunzu by suicide.

“Our fears have been confirmed. Polycarp is no more. We really tried our best. I guess our best wasn’t enough. Rest well Bruh,” he posted on his Instagram.

This comes after a day of posting on his YouTube channel asking his fans to help him track his whereabouts.

Narrating how the ordeal happened, Abel alias Mkurugenzi said, “It was on 26th September we were having meetings with his wife. The meeting took some time, we left at around 3:00 pm having started it at around past midday.

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Around 2:00 pm our job’s phone (the one we use for merchandise) was ringing so much. We suspected it was someone who had received their merchandise but found it was faulty.”

Abel added, “After the meeting, while we were driving home, we called back to help this customer. We found at least six to seven missed calls.”

The guy, on the other hand, upon receiving the call said, “You’ve called a little too late. It is too late I have already made up my mind. I don’t think this world is for me anymore.”

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Talking to Abel, Polycarp added, “I have done some terrible things, I don’t know how to live anymore. I have no clue of how to go about life anymore.”

Explaining that life had been hard, his wife was pregnant and due and he was not able to provide, Abel persuaded Polycarp to stay put as he would help him out.



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Polycarp did not lie about his location saying, he was off the Karen bypass and has gone somewhere in a forest having walked a few meters. He is scouting for a good position to hang himself.

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Abel promised to go to where he was but Polycarp dissuaded him. Giving Abel his wife’s contact and then hanging up, Abel tried to contact Polycarp back but the line was not going through.

Having a conversation with Mary (Polycarp’s wife), Abel got to know that Mary was due and they had some wrangles.

Abel tried reaching the police through 999 with two tries being unsuccessful but one police came in handy.

“Times are hard but I believe there are solutions. It is not a must we commit suicide. Most of the time solutions are not amongst your closest people but strangers. So, if you feel, you’ve hit the end of the road, call me,” Abel urged his fans.

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