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Actor Baha and brother eulogise mum Wanade

Popular teen actor Baha, real name Kamau Mbaya, and his brother Mungai Mbaya on Sunday eulogized their late mother Wanade during England’s Mother’s Day.

Wanade, real name Beth Nyambura Mbaya, acted on Citizen TV’s series Mother in Law. She died in 2013 after a long struggle with cancer.

She was mother to Baha of Machachari series and Mungai of Know Zone, a children’s programme.

Mungai now studies in Glasgow’s Caledonian University. In a post on Instagram, he celebrated his mother as ‘a gem of a woman.’

He wrote, “Been 5 years already since we lost this gem of a woman @tyler_mbaya. It didn’t really hit me how long its been until I realised this is one of the only two decent pictures I have of her. So I apologise if y’all have seen this picture too much. And for bringing your beautiful Sunday to such a low note. I’m older now and I understand that a lot of stuff that happens in our life has a reason. We may never know why, so the best we can do is trust that it was and still is for the best. How I wish you could see us now?. Well you probably are. And I know there’s a smile on your face. We love you so much mom! ❤❤ Happy mother’s day…”

Baha re-granned his brother’s message adding, “WORD BRO♨️ I MISS HER MORE!❤.”