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Actor Baha excited after becoming a dad for the first time

Actor Tyler Mbaya popularly known as Baha from the TV show Machachari and his girlfriend are the newest parents in town.

Baha and Georgina Njenga shared the news of the arrival of their first child on their socials.

Their bundle of joy only introduced with her initials A.N.K will now share birthday with her father, ” She came on my birthday,” an excited Mbaya posted.

He further said baby and mother were all in good health.

” We would love to tell you guys that baby and her momma are doing great and being taken care of. It’s a whole rollercoster of how things happened. Can’t wait to take you guys through the journey,” he added.

The couple made the announcement of the pregnancy in March with a series of exquisite baby bump photos shared on Instagram.

An excited Baha wrote at the time, “Never been this excited🤩 to meet someone in my Life!🥹👶🏾 Stay Tuned on YT at 3:30pm😉.”

While Georgina wrote, “When I first found out about you, I was happy and scared at the same time but one thing I knew for real I needed you. The last few months have not been easy but your little kicks make everything worth it. We love you so much and can’t wait to meet you.”

Baha and Georgina have been dating for a while now and they are never afraid to tell of how their relationship started.

Baha disclosed he was very lonely after completing his high school despite being busy with content creation.

Even though he was young, Baha longed for a serious relationship, so he began searching for a girlfriend.

The multitalented actor said he asked Nina, who’s married to one of his friends, to hook him up with someone ready to settle down because he didn’t trust his other female friends.

On the other hand, Georgina noticed her cousin Nina and Baha were so close. After completing Form Four, Georgina said her cousin told her Baha was looking for a girlfriend and asked her to send her pics so she could show him.

She sent the photos, and Nina showed them to Baha. “My cousin invited us to her place, and that’s how we first met,” she said.

According to Baha, he really wanted to settle down, but his two past relationships were just a fling before he met Georgina.