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Actor Daddie Marto and wife welcome their third child

Kenyan actor Martin Githinji, better known as Daddie Marto, has announced via social media that he and his wife, Christine Kokueendera, have welcomed their third child.

“All in all. Ladies and Gentlemen, weighing in at 3.110kgs, at 12:05 pm on May 12th, 2023 our bundle of joy has landed,” Daddie Marto wrote.

The couple, known for their humour and wit, had first announced the pregnancy in October 2022. Githinji managed to keep the tone light, jokingly asking his Instagram followers, “So, 3rd born loading, in truth, mko upande upi? (Congratulations or all the best)”

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In another post with a picture of his wife in the hospital, the County 49 actor wrote: “This is why we announce our pregnancies without fanfare. It’s always really heavy on Koku Lwanga, who is currently hospitalized on drips coz nothing is staying down. Adulting and parenting. Wueh!”

Koku, despite her hospitalization, responded with humour.

P2 ilimezwa, coil iliwekwa, but mtoto ni destiny child. Lazima akuje tupende tusipende (The pill was swallowed, the coil was placed, but this is a destiny child. They must come whether we like it or not.”

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The resilient mother also clarified her recent social media absence.

“I’ve been trying to survive hyperemesis and coming to terms with the fact that I’ve been chosen again to transact in the spiritual realm and be a portal for another human despite having a Mirena coil,” she explained.

In an earlier interview Githinji hinted of their plans for a larger family.

“Who knows! You know we are still in this thing called adulting. And adulting comes with its own rewards. When two come together huwezi jua ni nini inaweza kuwa result.”

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