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Actor Njoro wa Uba bags Kalasha award

By Freya Wanjiku December 4th, 2022 2 min read

Popular thespian Joe Kinyua has bagged the Best Lead Actor award at the Kalasha awards.

The actor is popularly known as Njoro in the Njoro wa Uba TV drama series.

The drama series is aired on Showmax and Multichoice.

The series tells the story of Njoro who after losing his job in a banking scandal takes up a taxi driving business to provide for his daughter and manage his growing legal fees.

It is while on duty that he gets a first hand glimpse of his daily struggles as an educated taxi driver.

Trying to make ends meet in Nairobi  becomes an instant hustle for Njoro. He soon learns why the city is referred to as shamba la mawe (rocky farmland) and one that was recently ranked among the 100 most stressful cities to live in.

However, through his journey, he paints a portrait of Nairobi and sees the lie that his life reflected in its inhabitants.

While he ferries his ‘clients’ business deals are brokered, marriages are broken, old lovers meet, strangers go on blind dates, politicians make empty promises, child brides are whisked into forced marriages, husbands are coerced by their wives to vasectomy appointments, children run away from broken homes, and so much more.

The main characters in the show include Cess played by Kui Kabala, Stacy whose real name is Shakainah Glory, Jezebel aka Jane Wambui.

Njoro’s other roles include that of a human rights activist in the biographical thriller The Fifth Estate about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and in Lizz Njagah’s non-committal boyfriend in Erica Anyadike’s drama series How to Find a Husband.

His active participation in the film industry had also seen him bag a Kalasha Awards nomination back in 2019, in both Film and Television courtesy of the Kenya Film Commission.

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