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Actor Njugush asks Kenyans to vote wisely

By Wangu Kanuri February 23rd, 2022 1 min read

Actor Timothy Kimani, commonly known by the stage name Njugush, appears to be using his influence and audience as a media personality to shape political opinion.

Known for his witty acts, Njugush has called out Kenyans to vote wisely in the August 2022 polls, arguing that good leaders will likely leave a political impact on society, including the reduction of food prices.

The actor released the message in a video in which he is seen alongside his wife Celestine Ndinda aka Wakavinye.

“The price of unga (maize flour) is high,” she tells him. “Unga can be roughly how much? Can it be Sh600 or Sh900? Is that what you find difficult to afford?” he asks in a sarcastic tone.

He adds: “Something that amuses me is that good people are vying for different (political) positions even as independent candidates but you will not vote for them.”

The video is released at a time Kenyans are preparing to head to the polls to elect the country’s fifth president as Uhuru Kenyatta’s term expires.

Additionally, Kenyans on social media have publicly complained over the high cost of living and corruption.