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Actor Pete Openda succumbs to cancer

June 10th, 2020 2 min read

Renowned Kenyan actor Pete Openda has died after a long battle with cancer.

His death was confirmed over the weekend, which came just days after the actor celebrated his birthday.

The last post by Openda was on his birthday where he thanked his family and friends for being there for him.

“Many thanks for all the birthday wishes, I am truly honoured to have you all as friends and family. God Bless,” he shared.

The actor, who worked with a number of production companies in Kenya, was known for his acting prowess in TV shows such as Changing Times, New Beginnings (South Africa and Nigeria) and Arnold & Bundi, among others.

Openda is a graduate of Oxford University and Durham University Business School where he attained Bachelor and Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Apart from acting and directing a number of plays, Openda was at some point a radio presenter at Kenya Broadcasting Services (KBC) where he hosted Jazz Hour show.

Philippe Bresson, the director of Insignia, a video production company in Kenya, who worked with Openda on a number of movies and television shows, said the deceased actor was for many years a hardworking and talented actor, who executed his roles excellently.

“I am heartbroken. I remember we met him at a restaurant and we were like, ‘we have been watching your expressions, we think you can act’. He was right in the middle of lunch with a client and had never thought of acting,” said Bresson, who co-founded his video production company in 2006.

The actor was adored for his voice and eloquence in the roles he played on TV.

His friends and family were shocked by the news of his death.