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Actor Shaniqwa accuses wife of infidelity

By Amina Wako November 1st, 2021 2 min read

Actor Kevin Mwangi alias Shaniqwa has accused his wife Naomi Jemutai of cheating on him.

Shaniqwa in a radio interview, suggests his relationship broke down when he struggled to make ends meet during the Covid-19 period.

The challenges, he adds, doubled up after he became a dad moments after losing employment leading to a mutual friend to host his wife and child for some time.

“A friend called me and told me he would host my family. I did not want to tell my friends and so, I could not even post anything on social media since I was so stressed. I had a friend who had an electronic shop. I organised my wife a job, and she started working.”

As his wife worked, Shaniqwa would take care of the kid the whole day as his job was not so demanding.

“Mostly I was left with the child because my work was not so demanding, I would even shoot the video outside the house. I would wake up in the morning, cook for the kid, wash the kid and stay with him daily as she went to work,”

When his wife’s job started picking, she started cheating on him. Even when she was off day, she would still leave the child with Shaniqwa and go out with her lover.

All this time, he was not aware until his fans on Instagram started sharing pictures of his wife and the new man.

People started sending me photos on Instagram asking me if I had left her. She had blocked me on Instagram, so I could not see. Photos of her kissing in the public were sent to me. I even received a call from the man’s girlfriend complaining about my wife having an affair with her man,”

After a physical altercation between the two, the wife left with the kid and moved in with the man.

This left Shahiqwa stressed so much that his health took its toll.

After that, he started shooting videos with comedian Desagu and his financial and personal situation improved.