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Actor-turned-photographer Ephy Saint divides opinion with nude photography

By Naira Habib November 27th, 2019 1 min read

Former Tahidi High actor Ephy Mureithi, fondly referred to as Ephy Saint, has found himself in trouble with women after posting a picture of a naked woman breastfeeding her child.

The actor-cum-photographer has been lately sharing with his fans on social media on his photography skills by posting pictures of models in different states of nudity.

However, his latest post seems to have stirred emotions especially among women.

The picture captures a nude woman holding a naked child who was is latching on her left boob.

“Let’s shoot. This is a calling for all mothers,” wrote Ephy Saint on Instagram.

Kenyans descended on him on the comments section for posting the woman’s nakedness in the name of art in a public platform.

“Man I’ll need a lot of vodka for this,” said sabra_sohal.

“Ok and how do you do it shooting a naked woman?” asked violetroz4.

“Okay. I am a proud mum of one and also someone’s wife. Why would I take a photo when naked?” asked florah534.

“This I can’t manage,” commented verdchoi.