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Actress Achieng puts son’s IG account on sale

Actress Bridget Achieng has put her son’s Instagram on sale, citing ‘personal difficulties’.

Achieng, who starred in the Nairobi Diaries reality show, says the move to sell her son Sekani Ruch’s social media account is meant to protect him from bullies.

“Good morning guys I have been going through a lot, and it made me think hard about a lot of things like if, one day my son gets bullied the same way I have been, I will not be able to forgive myself that’s why I will protect him at all costs,” she wrote on social media.

“I don’t want him to blame me for bringing him to the limelight, and maybe he is destined for something else. When he is old enough to decide for himself if he wants to be on social media, I will allow him to do so, until then he is not going to have an IG account, so guys I am selling his Instagram account that has 33.8K followers. If interested send me a DM,” she added.

The decision comes days after the actress trended on social media after a video of what appeared to be her without clothes went viral.

Before this video was leaked Achieng had revealed to her fans that she’d been blackmailed by her rivals.

She stopped short of specifying the supposed blackmail details.